The 8 Best Resources for Android App Development.

The 8 Best Resources for Android App Development.

The 8 Best Resources for Android App Development


Android Studio is that the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android App  development, created by Google. you’ll use it to create Android apps on Windows, Linux, and macOs operating systems .It supports all programming languages you’ll use for Android development: Java, C/C++, and Kotlin.

It comes bundled with Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and a few additional development tools like AVD Manager and Android Debug Bridge. Android Studio includes a visible layout editor, an APK (Android Package) analyzer, an Android device emulator, and real-time performance profiling tools, too.



AVD stands for Android Virtual Device. It makes it possible to make virtual Android devices for testing purposes. An AVD may be a configuration that describes the characteristics of a virtual device like hardware profile, cargo area , appearance, system image, and other attributes.



Android Jetpack may be a collection of Android components and tools created by Google. You’ll use them for managing typical Android development tasks. Jetpack components are grouped into four categories:

Foundation: backward compatibility, testing, Kotlin support, etc.

Architecture: data binding, lifecycles, navigation, etc.

Behavior: notifications, preferences, sharing, etc.

UI: animations, layout, emojis, etc.

Jetpack components are bundled as androidx.* package libraries. you’ll find all Jetpack components within the AndroidX Package Index. AndroidX ships separately from Android OS so as to supply backward compatibility across different Android releases.



IntelliJ IDEA may be a Java IDE with built-in Android support, created by JetBrains. Although Android Studio is that the official Android IDE, IntelliJ IDEA is additionally a superb choice for less complicated Android applications.

Especially, since Android Studio itself is made on top of IntelliJ IDEA. you’ll find an in depth Android development guide in IntelliJ IDEA’s documentation.


With IntelliJ IDEA, you get access to features like clever code completion, on-the-fly code analysis, refactoring tools, and tons of useful JetBrains plugins. If you’re curious about how it compares to Android Studio.


  1. AIDE

AIDE stands for Android IDE and it allows you to create Android applications right your Android phone or tablet. It provides a really convenient way for Android App development.

You can’t only write the code on your device but also run, test, and debug the app within the same environment. You’ll download AIDE from the Google Play store.

Although AIDE doesn’t have as many features as other IDEs like Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA, it’s an excellent solution for fewer experienced programmers. It includes Android tutorials that permit you follow highlighted code and run the instance app right your device.

AIDE currently supports Android apps written in Java and C/C++. So, if you would like to create apps in Kotlin, you would like to settle on another Android IDE.


  1. B4A

B4A (Basic for Android) is an Android IDE that permits you to develop Android apps using the essential programing language . Although BASIC isn’t the standard choice for Android development, it’s much easier to urge started with.

B4A comes with many user-friendly features like a visible editor,

B4A isn’t free (see pricing) but it offers a 30-day free trial, plus a 30-day a refund guarantee for the complete version.


  1. UNITY 3D

Unity 3D may be a cross-platform game engine and IDE you’ll use for creating graphic-intensive mobile games. Although you’ll also build Android games with Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA, Unity 3D has been specifically designed for game development, so it comes with multiple game-specific features.



With Unity 3D, you’ll create both two- and three-dimensional games. it’s an all-in-one editor that features storytelling instead of coding,  Besides games, Unity 3D also allows you to create computer game applications. the private license is out there for free of charge for anyone whose revenue or funding doesn’t exceed $100K annually.



Firebase may be a comprehensive mobile and web app development platform by Google. It provides you with tools for managing and monitoring your mobile and web applications. It doesn’t only work with Android but also supports iOS, web, and Unity3D applications. Firebase consists of several individual products that share data and insight with one another .

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